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Bounce Energy No Longer Offers A No Deposit Guarantee

We have other no deposit electric companies that have special no deposit offers. We work with you on a case by case basis to get you with a Houston electric company that will not charge you a deposit. Please call us at 1-800-971-4020 to begin ordering no deposit electric service in Houston.

If you have terrible credit and all Houston electric providers are asking for a deposit then you now have another choice with First Choice Power. Unfortunately it is not available unless you have a smart meter. The smart meter technology in the new meters that are being placed in Oncor and Centerpoint electric utility areas will allow First Choice Power to hook up a prepaid device that will allow you to prepay for the actual electricity usage you use. The service is a prepaid electric service based on actual electricity usage and not old outdated historical data from a year ago currently being used by prepaid electric companies in Houston. Since this is not available right now the only other option is prepaid electricity companies like DPI Energy and Freedom Power now known as Penstar Energy.

Compare Traditional Electric Company Offers in Houston

Please use our zip code tool at the top right to begin comparing Houston electric company offers in your area. We compare multiple electricty providers and rates to find you the best rate.

Sometimes a prepaid electricity is necessary to use but keep in mind that your prepay amount is usually based on estimated usage from the usage history from last year. If last year the usage was some other tenant that lived in your apartment you very likely will be paying on how they used their energy in the summer and winter. Typically a prepaid electricity service has a higher electric rate than a traditional electric company. The trade off with going with prepaid is that you will not need to pay a deposit. Also keep in mind that if you are pitched a deal of only $99 to start electricity service be aware that you will still have to prepay for additional usage once they get the estimated electric usage for that month. You may be surprised if you still owe another $200 or more to keep the service turned on.

Bounce Energy once had a no deposit guaranteed plan but this is no longer available. Bounce no longer offers this no deposit plan. Until a new no deposit plan is available we recommend just shopping among the cheapest traditional electricity companies in Houston and working with the Department of Health and Human Services in helping you pay down whatever the deposit amount you may be required to pay is.

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